solutions for
everything Web3

Get your idea on-chain faster, cheaper, and more securely. Turnkey token creation, seamless distribution, automated market-making. Each tool is a branch; together, they make Bonsai3.

From idea to launch in a few clicks

No code, pure innovation

Effortless token creation

Use our audited contracts to deploy secure tokens in seconds

Turnkey feature deployment

Add buybacks, burns, staking, vesting, LP provision, and more

Turbocharged growth

Your work here is done! Time to watch your bonsai grow


Share in Bonsai3 profits

Every token launched on Bonsai3 generates a small fee. And in the name of decentralized ownership, we return 66% of all profits to $SEED holders. As the platform grows, so will your bag, so why not buy some $SEED today.

experienced developers
love Bonsai3

For many developers, blockchain technology is a challenging realm. The learning curve is huge, Web3 lacks infrastructure, and the smallest mistake can cause the biggest financial loss. Bonsai3 simplifies Web3 complexity, empowering founders and developers to explore new frontiers without struggling with a new technology.With Bonsai3's no-code toolset, you can get your Web3 project off the ground in just a few clicks.More info

Green shoots on Bonsai3

With our roots firmly established, Bonsai3 is ready to grow—here's what we'll work on over the next few months.

Codeless Token Creation

Deploy ERC-20 tokens in a matter of clicks, add taxation, automatic buy-back and burn mechanisms, and much more!

Staking, Vesting % Distribution

Add vesting and distribution schedules for a range of participants, deploy LP staking contracts, all in a few clicks and completely secure.

Automated market-making

Manage market making through a intuitive dashboard always making sure your liquidity spread is healthy and exchange friendly.

Anti-bot measures

Anti-Bot measures to protect investors and projects from malicious or liquidity draining botting.

MEV for retail

Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) bots for retail. Levelling the playing field, and allowing investors to get the most out of their investments.


Core Developer

Experienced blockchain developer. Designed and built the tree token, a digital representation of a tree on Cardano. Launched first-ever Initial Tree Offering, which will plant 1m trees in Kenya.


Core Developer

Software developer, generative artist, UX/UI designer and crypto investor. Co-founded @galactic_punks & full service technical solutions agency @galaxylabsnft.