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Advanced Token Creator

Advanced Token Creator

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Launch a token in four simple steps using secure, pre-audited smart contracts.

The Bonsai3 Token Creation Hub is the starting point for any project launching on Bonsai3. The hub lets founders and developers deploy a new token in four simple steps, shortening the path from concept to launch.

The hub enables a range of capabilities, including frictionless deployment supporting fungible tokens, turnkey features like adding buy and sell token taxes, wallet controls including transfer blacklists and min/max transfer amounts, and customizable parameters: name, symbol, chain, supply, all at your discretion.

When youre ready to deploy a token, follow the four steps outlined below:

Step 1: Add Token Details (Add a token name, ticker, and other project details, including a description and the all-important token logo.)

Step 2: Confirm Contract Details (Set whether you want to implement a token buy or sell tax, enable wallet blacklisting, or add min/max transfer amounts.),

Step 3: Review Listing (Heres where you ensure your project launches without a hitch. Review everything youve added and check all is as it should be.),

Step 4: Create Your Token (A small step for you, a giant leap for your project: the moment your idea goes from your head onto the blockchain. And thanks to Bonsai3s pre-audited smart contracts, you know your project is secure from the get-go.)

Next up, lets look at how you get your token into the communitys hands.